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Mar 4, 2011 7:00pm PST
stronger. the country is investing major money into its defense budget creating anxiety in asia and in the united states. this is what the breakdown looks like. china's military spending will jump by 12.7%. that adds up to an investment of $91.5 billion. some experts say the total could be even higher. the official spending announcement happened on friday, a day before the opening of china's national people's congress. china's defense spending made double digit increases for 20 years in a row until 2009 but fell to single digit growth last year. while many nations are cutting back on their defense budgets because of tighter finances, china's military spending is set to more than double what it was five years ago. the u.s. government by far leads the world in defense spending with $708 billion set aside for fiscal 2011. britain is another leader in this area. its defense budget for 2010 reached nearly $60 billion. japan and france are each setting aside nearly $59 billion for 2011. let's go to beijing now. nhk world's lisa komiya joins us with more details on china's defense budg
FOX News
Mar 12, 2011 11:00am EST
that in southeast asia, it devastates everything. >> always the coast. >> yeah, because the wave comes in and literally sweeps everything away. but this is a seriousuation. it is situation with the nuclear plants and the japanese have cutting edge technology on earthquakes and on handling this and architectural design. they are the leaders and have most experience. >> the antinuclear lobby that is forming see that, they are building all of these things in earthquake-prone land and that's not the way to go. >> that's always the argument and there are over 50 plants in japan. they get 34 percent of their power. >> i didn't realize it was that high. >> 34 percent of their power comes from nuclear. >> you know in this country, people say we don't want to do that. >> there is no nuclear plant built in the united states since three mile island. >> one will be now? >> this creates more of that kind of chatter about it. but i am one who believes we have to have nuclear power if we are going to provide the energy that the world needs and that is it a view held in asia. china is talking about bu
Mar 7, 2011 4:00am EST
suspect has been going on in asia. but all of the old problems are back to haunt us. but it's so surprising, really, that london is down by as little as it is. as for paris, off by about 1/5 of a percent. lvmh has anonounced plan to tak over in a $5.2 billion deal. and that has sent the luxury fashion company shares down almost 1%. there is actually a premium here to the price. and bulgari shares have shot up by 60%. the 50.4% owned by the bulgari family is being sold to lvmh and the current ceo of bulgari will remain on or will move to the board of lvmh. >>> now, let's have a quick look at the greek economy. we've got news there from rags to riches only two weeks ago the protests in greece turned violent. and now the country has suffered another blow. moody's has slashed greece's credit ratings by three points. the ratings agency has downgraded greece from b-1 to ba-1. and moody's says the restructuring is keeping the country under review. >>> have a look at currencies. we saw a decent pop on the euro. looks as though interest rates will be lifted before those of the u.s. dollar
Mar 20, 2011 9:00am EDT
our new investment, or reinvestment, back in east asia. am i right on that? >> you are right. the chinese keep asking us, are you changing policy on east asia? no, we're not changing policy. our policy has always been to be engaged in east asia. that goes back to the founding of the republic. but we were paying primary attention to the middle east during the period when asia was changing rapidly and creating regional institutions, and we were not paying adequate attention. we are paying more attention to the region. that is not the same as a policy shift. >> when we think of that part of the world, we think of china, south korea, japan. who else should we keep an eye on? >> indonesia. 85% of the population are muslims. the largest muslim population of anywhere in the world, but more christians than the population of australia. this is a diverse country. our national slogan is "e pluribus unum." in indonesia, it is "unity in diversity." they have this enormous number of ethnic groups, languages, and they have been able to make a go of the country. >> this is what came to me as
Mar 29, 2011 4:00am EDT
.4133, the japanese yen, though, currently trading at 81.68, pauline. >>> well, nina, the markets here in the asia-pac region finished mostly lower this session. the nikkei in tokyo was down for the second straight day on more concerns about the nuclear crisis. and after a lower growth forecast from goldman sachs. tokyo electric power or tepco said traces of plutonium have been found in the soil at the fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant. the company's shares tumbled further on that news, plunging nearly 18% by the close. meanwhile, japan's national strategy minister appeared not to rule out nationalizing tepco fully or partially when asked about the government's plans for the company. >>> and elsewhere in the region, nina, you can see the negative sentiment found echoes with energy stocks finishing lower in sidney, as well. >>> let's turn our attention toward the u.s. stock markets. they managed to snap their three-day winning streak. in just the final hour of trading. here's how the numbers settled then. the dow dropped .2%, and when it comes to the nasdaq specifically, ebay shares weighed hea
Mar 7, 2011 6:00pm PST
trading at a value of $1.3967. airbus says as asia's fast- moving economic growth fuels demand for air travel, it expects airlines in asia to take delivery of nearly 9000 aircraft in the next 20 years, representing 1/3 of global growth. airbus expects demand from china to make up the lion's share. airbus will be delivering its first a-380 to china airlines later this year. increasing traffic is causing china to rethink its aviation policy. >> aircraft's can spend a long time waiting to depart chinese airports. delays have become routine. traffic volumes are growing so fast that infrastructure can barely keep pace. 2010 passenger figures were 16% up on 2009, squeezing facilities. beijing is the second busiest in the world and has the world's worst record for delays. chinese aviation authorities are aware of the problem and are responding with an extensive program of construction projects over the coming years. >> china is preparing to build about 56 new airports, relocate over for the existing airports, and renovate and expand more than 90 airports. it involves a total 231 projects with
Mar 6, 2011 10:00am EST
: istanbul: the bridge between europe and asia, east and west. an ideal setting for a conference focusing on the need for more just societies - particularly in the middle east and north africa. the discussions centered on the global movement for justice, peace and dignity but also addressed fears of extremism taking root in the vacuum created by the fall of authoritarian governments. panellists examined the root causes of the revolutions sweeping the muslim world. >>muzaffar: we have had ruling elites that neglected the people, who do not care for the ordinary human being...because we have had endemic corruption. >>reporter: delegates looked at both the political and economic aspects of the region's future prospects, with social and economic justice closely intertwined. >>abdulla-janahi: if you look at egypt in the past 6 years we had 50, nearly 45, 60 billion dollars of fdi coming in -how much of that trickled down? it was very limited. how much stayed between the 200 to 400 families at the top - they took it all in. and that's been the problem. >>reporter: the uncertainty now is over wh
FOX News
Mar 11, 2011 2:00am EST
prepare for something like this? >> reporter: reminds me of covering thesu tsunami nesoutheast asia, the decimation and the massive loss of life. the real concern is how many people died in this disaster? and i think it will take a while for them to realize how big this is. but you can see that they are heavily populated areas and as the cabinet minister was saying a short time ago, that they need to prioritize rescuing people. it doesn't look like the water's going away. it seemed to have decimated the whole area and inundated a whole region there. people seem to be trapped on tops of buildings, little islands of land and need to be saved. that's the immediate -- what needs to be done. >> what can you tell us about the first responders there? you said that this is something, people live with the possibility of an earthquake and a potential tsunami every day. but what you can tell us about the first responders and how they are trained to rescue these people? we have seen a lot of people that appear to be in need of rescue. >> well, kionly say that they are going to be completely str
Feb 28, 2011 11:00pm PST
than let's say in europe or asia or latin america. >> rose: there's another idea of the 21st century called american decline. >> uh-huh. >> rose: and joe snooi rises to say "not so fast." >> that's true. americans go through cycles of declinism every ten or 20 years. after sputnik the russians were ten feet tall. >> rose: and the japanese were ten feet tall. >> now the chinese are ten feet tall after the recession of 2008. we usually outgrow this. but the reason it's important is when you misunderstand what power relations are really like it can do two things. you can make us too fearful and it can make other countries like the chinese have hubris which makes them push in a ways which unproductive and get into trouble. >> rose: but you argue they've overextended themselves and their overconfidence about their relationship with the united states and they've made a lot of... >> rose: that's true. i was in beijing in both december and january talking with chinese friends and there is widespread view among many not just the people's liberation army and that the united states is in declin
Mar 16, 2011 7:00am EDT
of the philippines, indonesia, southeast asia that are obvious threats, you know, how are our partners coming together and, you know, do we need more resources and/or funding to accomplish this and be ready for that? >> thank you, sir. that's being addressed in multiple levels. let me talk about kind of current events. as you're probably aware we have joint operations task force operating in the southern philippines of around 600 u.s. personnel. that's been there for a number of years and continues to be effective in addressing terrorist issues that were occurring in that part of the philippines, i think, very effectively. so that's one significance. we're also concerned as we look at the south asia region what the l.e.t. or the terrorist group which emanates out of pakistan but has a presence in india and nepal and bangladesh -- we're concerned how -- let me backtrack for a second. as you're aware the l.e.t. is responsible for the mumbai attacks where so many people lost their lives and so we're very concerned about that interaction that l.e.t. is having on india and the effect -- the compre
Mar 28, 2011 4:00am EDT
, the markets here in asia finished mostly lower this session. the shanghai composite was the only to post gains boosted by financial stocks. uranium producers and mining stocks dragged australia's main benchmark lower by about .2% and the nikkei in tokyo dipped again on more concerns about one of japan's troubled nuclear reactors. tokyo electric power was the worst performer on the nikkei today, plunging nearly 18% by the close. and just to put this into context, $29 billion has been wiped off of tepco's market value. well, tepco was under fire once again on monday after overestimating the amount of radiation found in a reactor at the damaged fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant. the cabinet secretary said the mistake was due to worker fatigue but also said that was still not acceptable. officials are trying to deal with higher than normal radiation levels at reactors two and three and now temperatures are up in reactor number one. and authorities are warning residents to stay away from the area. >> it is a very risky area with contamination. therefore we urge residents not to return to the 20
Mar 1, 2011 12:00am PST
hundreds of thousands of expatriate workers from asia, from the rest of the arab world, from africa. so there there is definitely a need. >> rose: should the former dictators be put on trial? >> that is what the people are saying. >> rose: they should. >> that is what the people are saying both in egypt and tunisia and libya. >> rose: they want them on trial. >> they are saying that everyday in egypt i understand that they have small committees that have been set up to try and see where the money has gone, what has been taken by members of the government and also by the nomenclature that benefited from the system. the same thing in tunisia. in tunisia they are also demanding that. in libya you hear also the same thing, how are you going to get this money out? is it mobl? is it advisable? these are not easy questions. but i'm sure that a lot of people are discussing that. >> rose: will this spread, in your judgment, to places beyond the middle east? will it spread to any country in which there is an absence of freedom, an absence of people to influence decision making about their lives?
Mar 5, 2011 3:00pm EST
-- crash -- into china, into russia, into central asia, into the middle east, into europe, islam has a common language of scholarship which is arabic with, and now they're spreading knowledge of sugar everywhere anyone speaks arabic. they can now learn how to use this new substance. one way they used sugar is to make beautiful sculptures. see these look like trees? these were entirely built out of sugar. so what they would do is they would have these big celebrations where a ruler, to show what a wonderful, powerful, generous ruler he was, would commission these huge sculptures that were made out of sugar. and sometimes there were also -- have any of you ever had mars pan? a mixture of sugar and almonds. and they would also make these sculptures out of the mixture of sugar and almonds. can you -- while arabic is spreading, spreading knowledge anybody remember what we call numbers that we write? what to can we call numbers, 0, 1, 2, 3, the way we write them? what do we call that kind of number? >> counting numbers? >> counting numbers, or there's another name for that kind of number.
Mar 22, 2011 4:00am EDT
are currently doing. the euro currently at 1.42, the pound at 1.63 and the yen at 80.59. >>> here in asia, japanese markets re-opened after a throw-day weekend holiday with a good dose of positive sentiment. the nikkei in tokyo rose more than 4% bit close. now, financial stocks were some of the winners there. and the bank of japan pumped an additional $25 billion into the financial system earlier on tuesday to ease any more investor worries. this brings the central bank's total aid since the earthquake to $482 billion. and the markets around the rest of the region piggy backed on that positive sentiment. as you can see there, all of them posting gains. the hang seng posting gains by about 0.75%. the shanghai composite up by a third and the benchmark basically flat, up just a little bit. nina? >> there's the closing bell on wall street ringing at the end of the day when the u.s. markets all posted strong gaines. at&t's bid for t-mobile for nearly $40 billion helped to drive a rally on wall street as did easing concerns about the nuclear emergency in japan. it was a solid session for the na
Mar 31, 2011 4:00am EDT
in asia, pauline? >> for the most part, pretty good. asia pacific markets closed higher on thursday except for the nasdaq composite. nikkei made gains but lost some ground when manufacturing data was released. we'll have more on that data a little later in the show. theny k the nikkei eked out a gain. and hong kong had a gain and shanghai closed down nearly 1%. shares of tokyo electric power surged earlier in the day nearly 7% but then sank back down to finish flat by the close following three straight days of big loss. tepco stock has taken a hit after hit since the earthquake struck japan on march 11th in the nearly three weeks since, more than three-quarters of tepco's market value has been wiped out. japan's nuclear and industrial safety agency says radiation levels in the ocean water off the damaged fukushima daiichi plant are now nearly 4500 times above normal. tepco, which owns the plant, says it has to decommission four of the six reactors. that only adds to the companies troubles. a bank of america merrill lynch report tuesday says tokyo electronic could face compensation claims o
Mar 10, 2011 4:00am EST
a shade under $83 for the dollar. asia, markets there ended lower following the down day in wall street as libya's civil war continue to rise on investors around the world. japan's nikkei lost 1.5% after figures showed the country's economy shrank more than they thought. it contracted by 1.3%, more than an initial reading of contracting by 1.1%. in australia, the s&p asx 200 also shrank by 1.5%. and mining and energy firms lost ground. as for the hong kong's hang seng, almost 1%. banking and insurance stocks were topping the loser's board there. and some unexpected trade date from china dragged the shanghai lower, it shrank about 1.5%. let me give you a little detail on that because china surprised analysts by reporting a trade deficit of $7.3 billion in february. quite a dramatic change from back in october, for example, we were looking at a trade surplus of more than $27 billion for china. well last month, the country's imports soared to $104 billion but exports rose slightly. that actually left china with the first trade deficits since march 10. experts say it was due to the lunar ho
Mar 1, 2011 4:00am EST
. >>> well, shares of hspc fell more than 5% in hong kong trade as asia got its first chance to react to the company's full-year earnings. the company's results were released after the close on monday. its profit more than doubled from the previous year to $13.2 billion. but, here's the key, it's still missed expectations. it's pre-tax profit came in at $19 billion. hsbc's asia-pacific ceo breaks down the numbers. >> whichever way you look at it, $19 billion is a lot of money, an increase of 169% from last year, that's on a reported basis. and also, as far as the ratio is concerned, we have incressed the ratio from 9.2 to 10.5 after paying $6.3 billion in dividends and also, as far as dividends is concerned, we've increased dividends by 6% this year and we'll increase it by 12.5% the first three quarters of 2011. >> a lot of american but still below expectations. hsbc still hopes to become the first company based outside china to list on the shanghai compass it. emily? >>> u.s. stocks began the week with solid gains. in monday's session, here's how the numbers settled. the dow closed
FOX News
Mar 11, 2011 9:00pm EST
journal editorial board member who just returned from asia where she ran the journal's asia opinion section. thank you for being with us. let me ask you this, so many people are affected and the relationship between japan and the united states is critical this affects us on a variety of levels. this is going to have a deep impact. the u.s. official wants to help its friends and allies there. >> right. the government of japan has said and we want your help in 1995 in the cake the officials then were slow to react, they were heavily criticized. i think the government this time has realized the scale of the disaster and he's embracing u.s. help. you are right, it is important for us to support japan. they are our strongest and most important ally in north asia. >> sean: especially when it comes to the nuclear site and the radiation fall-out. obviously, when you have 1,000 times the amount of radiation in the air that you normally would that creates danger. look at this devastation you watch the tsunami come onshore. literally lifting houses and trucks and cars and just with seemingly n
Mar 15, 2011 11:00pm EDT
of all, we have mr. michael skhiffer, the deputy assistant secretary for asia security affairs, east asia, michael, thank you for being here, looking forward to your testimony. >> we have general randolph, general, thank you, strategic policy and command. general, as always, we appreciate your service to our country, and we thank you for your willingness to be here today and to lend your expertise to the subcommittee, and finally, we have honorable jack jack -- jack lin. this subcommittee is unusual in that it's probably one of the most bipartson subcommittees in congress. we are trying to look and make sure that we answer the question, are we ready? that's the purpose of the hearing. my partner in this een denver and the ranking member from guam and i'd like to defer at this time to madelyn. >> thank you, and i appreciate your willingness to hold this hear on the security in the asia region which is certainly important to me. as we heard from witnesses in previous hearings and briefings, this area of the world requires our focus and our attention. before i begin with my statement, i woul
Mar 11, 2011 7:00pm EST
us understand, especially from the perspective if you remember, back to the southeast asia tsunami several years back. one of the early questions, you know, were we getting information right away? were the people who needed help getting the help right away? maybe it's hurricane katrina for many people in the united states and their perspective, and the response of the city or the state or the federal government. from your perspective, as a journalist and as someone who has lived in the region, in terms of the communication, the reaction of the government and the spread of information in japan, give us your sense of how that's going so far. >> there isn't any country in the world that spends as much money, devotes as much energy to disaster prevention as japan. they spend a huge amount of money, tens of billions of dollars they spend on disaster prevention because they have just one natural disaster after another, and it's -- half the people are living on land that is either at sea level or below sea level, so there's a great public emphasis and interest on investing in this. would
Feb 28, 2011 7:00pm EST
to send another large land army into asia, the middle east or africa should, quote, have his head examined. did gates, the guy w. named secretary of defense, just say the iraq war was a mistake, finally? >>> finally for us, "let me finish" tonight with a great man who made what may be his last appearance at the oscars last night. someone who truly deserves our praise. >>> we begin with what the republicans are up to as they take on the unions. pat quinn is governor of illinois. ed rendell was the governor of pennsylvania for two terms. now is an nbc news political analyst. governor quinn, thank you for joining us. for the first time in history now, governors, more union members work for the government rather than the private sector. in the public sector, 760,000 people are union members. in the private sector, just 7,1 million. a big turn of events there. governor, is this push by the republican governor of wisconsin a war on the democratic party's main financial and worker base? >> well, it's a war on workers. you know, the people who teach our kids, who plow the snow off our interstates,
Mar 7, 2011 11:38pm EST
the security situation in northeast asia. i believe this nurse the close attention of all relevant parties. but i also believe that anyone who views the six party process from a comprehensive and object to his death will admit that the important progress has been made in the six party process. for example, we issued this september 19th joint statement, six party talks contributed to greater exchanges between the relevant parties and played an important role in maintaining regional stability. [speaking chinese] [speaking chinese] [speaking chinese] [speaking chinese] >> translator: in order to respond to the six party talks, the chinese have put forward a series of positive proposals and the international community has fully recognized this. i believe it is the hope that the international community to see an early presumption of the six party process and the parties concerned also quoted a pass its attitude towards early resumption of the six party talks. the challenge now is that we need to have further consultation on how win-win attacks can be resumed and we still need to reach consensus
Mar 1, 2011 6:00pm PST
de asia para hacer su próxima temporada. >>> josé manuel de la torre esta en europa habló con javiej aguirre. >>> y la reunión fue con yonathan do santos. >>> por lo pronto la lista se prepara para enfrentar méxic paraguay en oakland. >>> aumenta el número de ciudades que podrían recibir a kings de sacramento, el 14 y 15 abril van a analizar la expedición de cambio de cede para temporada 20102011. >>> ahora bien los clippers podrían irse a san diego y esto ayudaría a kings. >>> bilbao será además una de las ce des de mundial de baloncesto y ato pira a albergar partido de la primera fase de estados unidos. >>> estados unidos ficha o a portero irlands, hoy san josñ enfrenta en casa a colorado. >>> desde que llegaron deportes profesiona profesionales asia seattle solo han conseguido un título en segundo atlanta tercero fenix bueno faf búfalo. >>> atlñtico, cierran esta etapa enfrentando a giants. >>> mañan ser rebalse de cleveland. >>> contenta o no del todo. >>> estuvo bien 26 de marzo ahí que ir buscando boleto porque
Mar 6, 2011 5:30pm PST
, not only in the u.s. but throughout asia, africa, and south america that are all contributing to higher crude oil prices and consequently higher gasoline prices at the pump. >> reporter: those higher gas prices came as many were starting to feel better about the economy, but now any extra cash may be going right into the the tank. >> i think it's crazy. >> reporter: jason king spends $40 more a month on gas. >> pretty soon i'm going to have to start thinking about riding a bike or other means of transportation, definitely. >> reporter: in fact, those skyrocketing prices have some giving up the road for the rails. metro use in los angeles, up 10%. and across the country commuters are using the latest technology, smartphone apps and social media, to find the cheapest gas, anything to save a buck. >> everybody i know is trying to carpool and fill up the car as much as possible. >> reporter: gas prices hit a high in february, but in the weeks ahead spring is when prices typically rise the most. miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. >> and as we mentioned at the top of the newscast, the ob
Mar 7, 2011 6:30pm PST
.3967. airbus says as asia's fast- moving economic growth fuels demand for air travel, it expects airlines in asia to take delivery of nearly 9000 aircraft in the next 20 years, representing 1/3 of global growth. airbus expects demand from china to make up the lion's share. airbus will be delivering its first a-380 to china airlines later this year. increasing traffic is causing china to rethink its aviation policy. >> aircraft's can spend a long time waiting to depart chinese airports. delays have become routine. traffic volumes are growing so fast that infrastructure can barely keep pace. 2010 passenger figures were 16% up on 2009, squeezing facilities. beijing is the second busiest in the world and has the world's worst record for delays. ipchinese aviation authorities e aware of the problem and are responding with an extensive program of construction projects over the coming years. >> china is preparing to build about 56 new airports, relocate over for the existing airports, and renovate and expand more than 90 airports. it involves a total 231 projects with an investment of 50 billion
Mar 2, 2011 11:00pm EST
. >> reporter: most likely brought here from asia. m maryland they have spent the winter making themselves at home in our homes. but they will migrate outdoors. >> some have been quoted as saying it's going to be biblical. >> reporter: leaving marks where they feed, more stink bugs will mean more losses. >> i'm nervous. i'll pray for some answers and there's smart people working on this thing. >> reporter: and this is where some of them are working. a research lab in delaware. >> all these petary dishes contain. >> reporter: and those are the stink bug's weak spot. they are vulnerable to a tiny was put from asia. >> as that egg hatches and grows, it -- instead of producing a stink budget produces another was was p. >> meanwhile an invader spreads unchecked. >> i don't like them, they stink. >>> i agree. because of the serious threat they pose to agriculture, researchers are working on other controls. >>> here's the man that baltimoreians love to hate. he makes millions of dollars and now he wants you to buy him 100-dollar bed sheets. are registered for wedding gifts at macy's. the couple's
Mar 4, 2011 4:30am EST
, and on thursday, secretary of state hillary rodham clinton said there are indications that he is in southwest asia. levinson's wife said, quote, our family is tremendously encouraged by the news that bob is alive, but remains concerned for his safety and well-being. >>> a u.s. aid contractor facing up to 20 years in prison goes on trial today in cuba. allen gross, seen here with his wife, is accused of supplying sophisticated satellite phones to dissidents. he was arrested in havana in 2009, and the u.s. says gross was providing internet access to jewish groups, but that he committed no crime. >>> well, it appears the suspect in that attack on u.s. airmen in germany had a grudge against the military. sources tell cbs news when 20-year-old arid uka was arrested, he said, quote, they are at war with us. he's being held on two counts of murder and three of attempted murder. german officials say uka has admitted targeting americans when he opened fire wednesday on a busload of u.s. servicemen at the frankfurt airport. >>> and there is more fallout from that case involving lewd tapes made on board a u.
Mar 7, 2011 4:30am EST
, oil prices rose nearly 2% to above $106 a barrel this morning in asia. and the average price of a gallon of self-serve regular gas hit $3.51. up nearly 33 cents in the past two weeks. the second largest two-week rise ever. susan mcginnis is in washington with details. susan, good morning. >> hey, good morning, joel. yeah, washington is watching higher oil prices, and considering u.s. dependence on foreign oil, it's now looking at a much closer alternative. the white house is considering tapping the nation's oil reserves to try to put a cap on runaway oil prices. >> all matters have to be on the table when you go through -- when you see the difficulty coming out of the economic crisis we're in, and the fragility of it. >> reporter: the strategic petroleum reserves, the u.s. government's emergency oil supply, holds 727 million barrels right now. that's enough to provide the nation the oil it needs for a couple of months. after hurricane katrina, the government released 30 million barrels. oil prices dropped nearly 4%. during the first gulf war, 34 million barrels were released
Mar 16, 2011 4:30am EDT
. and on the "cbs moneywatch," the markets in asia make a dramatic turnaround, and tv comes to the ipad. ashley morrison is here in new york with more on that. good morning, ashley. >> good morning to you, betty. well, a big rebound in the asian markets today. tokyo's nikkei bounced up almost 6% after plummeting over 10% tuesday, while hong kong's hang seng edged up a fraction. oil prices continued to cover near $97 a barrel. >>> today, wall street gets the very latest on inflation and the housing markets. on tuesday, investors were encouraged by the federal reserve. the fed decided not to raise interest rates, and said the economy is on firmer footing, and that the jobs market is gradually improving. that helped stocks avoid what started out as a very bad day. the market plunged at the open due to fears over japan's nuclear crisis after falling almost 300 points, the dow recovered somewhat to end the day down 137 points, while the nasdaq lost 33. >>> toyota and subaru are scaling back production here in the u.s., due to expected supply problems from japan. both automakers are trying to conserv
Mar 3, 2011 6:30pm EST
del suroeste de asia y también hizo un llamado al gobierno de irán para que permita se reúna con su familia. >> el presidente barack obama dijo hoy que había ordenado un puente aéreo para ayudar a rescatar a refugiados libios varo padres en fronteras de su país en la conferencia de prensn caso necesario en libia y venotizolanoo univugo chávez qu comisión integrada por varios países de américa latina ían asia y europa para conversar con las ports y evitar más muertos. >> el pasado lunes chávez explicaba la idea. >> porque no envío amos comisión de buena voluntad que vaya ayudar para que no se maten en libia. >> vocero gubernamentales confirmaban el contactounivision aceptadciero araisioognoti lao libios que rechazaron la mediación de chávez, y dicen que la propuesta del presidenteionni posibilidades deo univ éxito. >> uno univnnoticiero univisiony tan frontalero un no puede reprs ar el equilibrio ni negociación. >> la propuesta de chávez han creado algunos expectativas en mi mundo árabe el mandatario venezolano quiere queo univ el presidente de brasil pre skwid la c
Mar 14, 2011 5:00am EDT
dispute between asia's -- territorial dispute between asia's two largest economies and simmering tensions. china involves a massive relief effort involving 1,000 troops and relief workers. it is a dangerous operation with rescuers being hampered by fires, continuing aftershocks, and tsunami alerts. some areas remain unreachable. as for searching for the missing, humanitarian aid has also been sent. india has sent planeloads of blank etc. pakistan has offered all sorts of assistance, including field officers, and sri lanka has also offered assistance. this team of taiwan -- from taiwan. taiwan has also been asked to send clothing, generators and food. with japan facing its worst crisis since the second world war, more teams are on standby. helen forks, bbc news. >> this is "bbc world news." the headlines for you. a second explosion at the fukushima nuclear power plant injuries 11 people. with 10's of thousands of people still missing with many remote villages cutoff. >> of course we have been hearing about the huge international relief efforts in japan. the united states and the united kin
Mar 30, 2011 5:00am EDT
. so big problems for tepco. >> thank you. more in about 15 minutes time. still to come, south asia comes to a stand still as india meets pakistan for a place in the world cricket fight. now today marks the 30th anniversary of the attempted assassination of the then u.s. president ronald reagan. the gunman john hinckley shot the president outside a hotel leaving him with life-threatening injuries. we report. >> an ordinary day becomes a moment in hizzry. -- in history. six shots fired from a few meters away. president reagan is practically thrown into his car. the gunman is mobbed by police and secret service. three men fall. cut down by gunfire. the president's car speeds away. in the car the secret service man with him checks him over. he seems fine. the word goes out over the secret service radio. >> he is ok. >> they head to the hospital but the president has blood coming from his mouth, bright red and he looks poor. it was his behavior inside the hospital that changed the way americans looked at their president. >> this was true reagan, cracking jokes, funny one-liners. being h
Mar 10, 2011 7:00am EST
a billion in asia. >> brings a tear to your eye. for us poor people. a couple more stores making headlines. spain has had its credit rating downgraded once again. the rating agency moody's says it is worried about the country possibility to improve finance. it is a warns of the eventual cost of restructuring spain's base will be much more than the government expects and only add to the debt burden. swung to ade balance surprising deficit in february all as exports slowed. the surprise news caused asian markets to close lower on thursday but it cited the lunar new year as a key factor in keeping exports low because that is where many chinese factories close up during the holidays. the market -- what impact in asia. but let us not kid ourselves, also weighed down by the ongoing fighting in libya and those oil prices. also, japan's economy contract in sharper than expected. but let's not kid ourselves. market watchers are telling us the big focus on the market at the moment are the oil prices. u.s. light crude at $104 a barrel and brent crude traded in london at around $115. >> oil price is a
Mar 9, 2011 4:00am EST
.79. andrew? >>> here in asia, most of the maj maj maj major indices. in shanghai, the composite was up ever so slightly, up by about .10%. it has been going pretty well, though, of late. energy companies are struggling as oil prices fell. banking stocks boosted in shanghai after reports of the chinese central bank had backtracked on its decision to impose reserve requirements on lenders in china. in sidney, the s&p was the only index to lose ground, down by about .8%. here in hong kong, the hang seng up by .5%. led by cafe pacific, the air carrier out of hong kong. stellar earnings out today. the stock was up 4.5% at the close. announcing net profits up by 199%, $1.8 billion. and also announced plans to expand its fleet by another 27 planes, 17 of those will be a-330s from airbus, 15 will be the 777 from boeing. the list price, $6.5 billion. although cafe expects to receive something of a discount. but certainly cathay. >>> moammar gadhafi has made two public appearances, even as hi forces attacked rebels across the country. gadhafi strolled into a tripoli hotel crammed with foreign journal
Mar 1, 2011 11:00pm EST
.5, mÁs brasil, asia 4.5, europa 13, oceanÍa 0.5, y concacaf 4. quedarÍa por definir con quiÉn pelearÁ la conmebol el repechaje. los rumores han estado circulando durante toda la semana. la federaciÓn canadiense confirmÓ que las federaciones dentro de concacaf ya ayer les contamos sobre un futbolista que pateo una nte une futbol, pues lamentamente el animalito murio, el futbolista e jugo el segundo copa cruz azul derroto 3-1 a santos y lo dejo fuera, en estos momentos estan jugando real salt lake ionprimer imp. extraux
Mar 26, 2011 6:00am EDT
in afghanistan? i think one of the answers is transit trade through iran from afghanistan and central asia. it should be encouraged, not discouraged and there's a question of energy pipelines through iran. this is a controversial topic in afghanistan. this is something that's been discouraged but if we want help to central asian countries it would seem that the more routes from central asia to the -- the more ways in which trades can go to india thailand, the better. this is the dilemma the united states is going to have to deal with. pakistan right now is far more unstable than iran is and if you want to benefit to central agency, you should keep that in mind. we are in somewhat similar situation as to the situation we had with the old soviet union. engagement doesn't have to be a zero sum gain for every issue they're on. iran will change. if there's anything we've learned from the middle east over the last few weeks is that government can change and i think it's important to begin to lay the ground work for a better relationship with iran because iran
Mar 15, 2011 5:00pm EDT
the money will go directly to human need in japan. the drugs after the 2005 tsunami in southeast asia, -- >> after the 2005 tsunami in southeast asia, many are wary to give. there are tips so that you do not its camp. be aware of fake websites. do not make cash donations. use credit cards or checks and never make checks out to individuals. for more tips and to find agencies that are working directly with disaster relief, go to our website reporting live from downtown baltimore, barry simms, wbal tv 11 news. >> good advice and thank you. new at 5:30 p.m., hear what students at some local middle school have to say about their japanese counterparts. and we posted footage of the 198910 year commemoration of the accident at three mile island. -- the 1989 10-year commemoration of the accident at three mile island. >> also, a frederick mann is already on the state sex offender list and now faces charges of possessing child pornography. officials and the fbi said they tracked him to the ride comfort in. officials say he was using the free internet service to download porn. back in
Mar 22, 2011 6:00am EDT
peacekeeping missions. they prevent catholics -- conflicts from africa to asia. mexico, brazil, argentina have a greater voice in global economic decision making in the g-20. they have helped in efforts to combat climate change. they have played a leading role in civil society groups around the world. this is the latin america i see today. a region on the move, proud of its progress, and ready to assume a greater role in world affairs. for these reasons, that's an america is more important to prosperity in the united states than ever before. no other reason does the united states have more connections. we see that in the tens of millions of hispanic americans in the united states that enriched our society and grow our economy and strengthen our nation every single day. that in america is going to become more important to the united states. trades has surged. we buy more of your products and goods than any other country. we invest more in this region than any other country. we export more than three times as much as latin america as we do to china. our exports will support more than 2 million u
Mar 17, 2011 4:00am EDT
:00 p.m. eastern standard time which is overnight in asia. that is when the yen just surged. now we have spoken to several experts who believe this happened because many investors had taken high dollar yen positions and that means when the yen strengthened to that psychologically important 80-yen mark, it triggered a surge of automatic buy orders which is what we see here in this major dip. okay. so how did the nikkei react to all of this? let's take a look. it closed the session down nearly 1.5%, although, at one point during the trading session, it had fallen nearly 5%. so this is slightly good news. now that rebound occurred on the news that japan was going to make another cash infusion, this time of $60 billion into the financial system, that is on top of the billions injected monday, tuesday, and wednesday. as far as stocks, take a look at household auto names. and we take a look at them right here to see how they did during the session here on thursday. okay. first looking at toyota. it ended the session down by about 2.25%. nissan motor down by more than 1%. same story there for h
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